Creating your own reality - clarified

There is a concept that a person can create their your own reality.

This concept is only partially correct because it is generally discussed in a one-way manner (i.e. a person sending a message to the field with a request/intention/prayer desiring an outcome)

This is only ½ of the loop. The wave you’re sending is the feed-forward part of the loop.

You need to realise that the wave coming back is the feed-back which is the rest of the universe creating its reality and responding to you. The universe (Planck Field or ”the Divine”) interacts with the rest of humanity and your creation and the universe gives you a result that is a combination of everyone’s feed-forward waves.

If a person could create a reality exactly the way they wanted it, a few things would happen:

  1. You would be the only one in it because everybody else would be creating their own. It would be very lonely.

  2. You’d also be bored within seconds since you had everything you wanted.

What happens is that you put your intention out into the field and you stay open to what comes back, realising it’s going to get modified for the highest evolution of the whole. This unexpected feed-back gives you empathy for yourself and others. You might not get exactly what you expected but now you’re learning from the experience. The totality of everyone’s learning is how the universe learns about itself.

–– Nassim Haramein

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