A passion for potential

#consciouscreators #originality #imagination #growth #evolution

The simple principles of creative orientation, and our capacities for joy, give me a deep passion for the possible; humanity’s creative potential. To be evolutionary in our thinking, we have to believe that more is possible for ourselves and for our world than what currently exists.

Such is what I term a “creating mindset”. Learning to orientate day to day choices and actions towards personal or collective purpose – a clarity-giving and resilient approach to life. Distinct from the notion of “being creative”, sustaining a conscious attitude to creating outcomes involves progressive and original thinking – forming new (neural) paths that have not been before.

Creative originality is universal, it is a human survival skill. As a species we are in our highest vibration when creating. It is the fastest way to learn about ourselves (be it an argument, a business, a paper animal). It teaches us in an advancing capacity for growth and for emotional well-being.


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