The vital question: What do I want to create?

Updated: Feb 10

After all, what else is there to do.

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This is not an easy question however. We have been conditioned to want and need things in life — to keep us safe, keep us happy — but we’ve not been taught to create the things we love. Or encouraged to pursue unless of course we have the means to do so. It appears frivolous, a bonus in life.

Yet life is energy, existing in all forms. And unless we are in the creative orientation, transforming something into reality, we really aren’t in the creative flow of life.

The worlds of science and spirituality are converging around the notion that the mind ‘creates’ our reality. And more people on both sides are shifting to this paradigm. So if it’s true we are creating all the time, whether we know it or not, it means the inherent nature of life is to create. So really the big life question is, what do YOU want to create?

“All great things are done for their own sake” Robert Frost

The reason you would create anything, bring a thing into existence, is because you love it enough to see it exist.

Our human nature is to define the world around us and we tend to define ‘creative’ people as a certain kind, a personality trait. Yet the reality is we are all creators. It’s just that conscious creators have the ability to bring what they imagine into reality. There is no ‘key’ to creativity. We are all original in nature and we are all creating constantly. But we more often justify our desires, dreaming them away by rationalising and compromising them with our beliefs.

Life in creative orientation is interesting, exciting and special. We are by our nature generative. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs fails to explain why some people strive to create in the most impoverished situations. But this dynamic urge is not our only drive. We want to fit in, belong, stay safe — and our primal needs can create a contradictory force in motivation to creating what we love. Either our generative urge or our reactions to prevailing circumstances will be dominant. Yet active creating can change the very conditions we live in and is wholly more powerful in nature.

There is only one fundamental choice to make — to be the predominant creative force in your life. Once this choice is made, there is a profound shift in your view of current reality. The notion of ‘problems’ disappear and transform into actions as you move from an externally-imposed existence, to one where you see current reality as a reflection of your creative progress.

The beauty of life is laid bare before you as the meaning of desire changes from idle wishes and hopes to soul-nourishing aspirations and vision. We are creative beings. And knowing what you want to create is vital to realising your genius self. Nothing is more important to the world.


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